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Established in 1991, GF Securities was one of the first, full-service investment banks in China. The Company was successfully listed on the main boards of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (000776.SZ), and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (1776.HK), in 2010 and 2015, respectively. As of December 31, 2016, the Company operates 264 brokerage branches, providing extensive national coverage to 31 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions throughout China.

GF Securities is fully licensed to provide comprehensive coverage across its four major business lines: investment banking, wealth management, trading and institutional client services, and investment management. Balanced development of each business line has helped GF Securities to achieve top rankings in each key segment. Simultaneously, the Company's holdings include GF Futures Co., GF Fund Management Co., Ltd., GF Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., GF Xinde Investment Management Co., Ltd., GF Qianhe Investment Co., Ltd. and GF Asset Management (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., with equity interests in E Fund Management Co., Ltd., Guangdong Equity Exchange Co., Ltd., E-Capital Transfer Co., Ltd, China Securities Credit Investment Co., Ltd., and China Securities Interagency Quotation System Co., Ltd. Leading investment services such as financial leasing, small-scale internet loans, public-private-partnership (PPP), and qualified domestic limited partnership (QDLP) services, has reinforced GF Securities position as a comprehensive financial group.

As of December 31, 2016, GF Securities' total assets were RMB359.801 billion, with RMB78.530 billion of equity attributable to the shareholders. Total revenue and other income from 2016 totaled RMB27.488 billion, with net profits attributable to the shareholders of RMB8.03 billion. GF Securities continues to be an industry leader in terms of capital strength and profitability, with a market capitalization surpassing that of many of its domestic peers.

The Company is a provider of comprehensive capital market services focused on serving China's quality SMEs and affluent individuals. The Company possesses industry-leading innovation capabilities and has built a diversified business serving the varying needs of corporations, individuals, institutional investors, financial institutions and government clients. GF Securities is an industry leader across the entire spectrum of its core business lines: investment banking, wealth management, trading and institutional client services, and investment management.

Throughout capital markets in China, GF Securities is known as: "The Ph.D. Legion", with a business culture that places value on inquisitiveness, integrity, client focus, and teamwork. The Company's management philosophy focuses on stable growth, continuous innovation, performance-driven results and business synergies. Efficient, market flexible mechanisms guided by a business-driven perspective, precise analysis of markets and regulatory changes, impeccable risk management and exceptional service will continue to result in outstanding performance and steady growth.