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GF Securities' 2018 Investment Forum: Sino-American Economic Analysis

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How do economic thinkers from China and America have differing views on trade tensions? Are their historical precedents and a macroeconomic foundation for an upgrade and transformation to Made in China? During GF Securities (0776.SZ, 1776.HK) economic conference held on May 10th, Qinghua University's Dean of National Finance, and the Former Vice Deputy of IMF, Ming Zhu, participated with former White House Economic Advisor (2013- 2017) Jason Furman, in high level economic discussions. More than 2000 participants were in attendance, with industry professionals, business leaders, and high net-worth individuals all participating.

Senior leaders from GF Securities, the Chairman Shuming Sun, and CEO Martin Lin led their team of senior executives to actively participate in the forum. The Chairman's opening words placed emphasis on positioning for the New Era, which focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation. GF Securities continues to strive to become a modern, internationally competitive investment bank. We will contribute to the industrial transformation and national prosperity through promoting real economic growth through efficient financial services.  

A New International Stage: Conflicts and Opportunities by Jason Furman and Min Zhu was the main discussion and point of interest.         

During Min Zhu's presentation Sino-US Trade Frictions and Global Economic Prospects, he emphasized that there are no winners in a trade war, and with high debt and the bull market at the later phases, trade tensions are the largest political uncertainty. Trade tensions result in higher spending for consumers, and could lead to an economic recession in the United States. Consumer spending in China is growing daily, which leads to a favorable position for China during negotiations.

Jason Furman's presentation, Sino-US Relations in the Following Ten Years will Be Full of Conflicts, noted that American borrowing will continue to expand, and that long time low growths will be slower. China is already taking certain measures to reduce debt and promote financial stability. The ideal solution is for both sides to recognize the benefits of trade, and to reduce tension through supportive policy.

The Chief Economist from GF Securities, Dr. Shen, analyzed the global interest rate cycles and consumption trends in China. The New in China's New Era, on a certain level represents a degree of uncertainty, with a degree of uncertainty pertaining to external factors. We need to find certainty in uncertain times. On a global scale, rising interest rates are a certainty. During a cycle of raising rates, consumer demand in China is a big opportunity, we can all be certain of this point.

In addition to the key note speakers, GF Securities organized side forums under eight different investment themes. Top analysts and their supporting teams collaborated with industry professionals, and high level executives to discuss the following themes: the commodities cycles, investing in Made in China, a modern economy combining industry and finance, innovation in China, technological independence, a beautiful life through quality consumption, core global assets, wealth management and asset allocation, industrial trends and investment opportunities, and promoting efficient collaboration between industry and capital markets.