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GF Securities and ICBC Sign a Comprehensive Agreement for Strategic Cooperation

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On October 16th, the successful signing ceremony of GF Securities and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's (ICBC) comprehensive agreement for strategic cooperation was held at ICBC's head office. Senior leadership from both parties participated in the event. The vice president of ICBC and the CEO of GF Securities represented both parties in signing the agreement. Executive managers from both sides took part in the ceremony and engaged in business related discussions.

Based on the comprehensive agreement for strategic cooperation, both parties agree to adhere to the principles of equality, mutual benefit, and long term cooperation. They will serve the real economy, and promote financial innovation through business operations such as brokerage, clearance, financing, asset management and custody, bond underwriting and sales, investment banking, capital, innovation, futures, while sharing customers and exchanging information exchanges and professional training, for a comprehensive partnership that strengthens both sides.

Senior leadership from ICBC stated that in terms of key industry indicators, they are maintaining a leading position globally. They have experienced outstanding operational results, have a high quality assets, a solid customer base, steady revenue growth, and continued appreciation of high quality assets. GF Securities and ICBC have worked closely for many years, covering various aspects of the business. GF Securities is one of the most competitive investment banks, with exceptional cooperation abilities. Hopes are high that through the signing of the new strategic agreement, the scope and depth of the cooperation will continue to grow.

The Chairman of GF Securities, Mr. Sun, expressed that throughout the many years of business cooperation, and expanding together, ICBC has been the top partner that has successfully collaborated with GF Securities. Mr. Sun elaborated that during the new conditions of cooperation, that the synergy and professional resources of both parties will continue to expand the future opportunities for cooperation. Mr. Sun introduced and the comprehensive, competitive advantages of GF Securities, and summarized the goals of the next five year plan, to develop market mechanisms, and balanced development across all business lines. He hopes that moving forward, GF Securities will fully contribute its unique strengths in moving this partnership forward.

The signing ceremony concluded with great applause and enthusiasm.